Saturday, 12 December 2009


so that bad feeling in my tummy was justified...but not for the reason i thought. What i thought was going to go wrong actually couldn't be better (I'm VERY MUCH in love) and a friendship i thought was solid turned out to be the furthest thing from it.
C'est La Vie as they say, I know i've said my piece and i won't dwell on waiting. Noone should ever dwell on the bad times.

So my birthday came and went and was INCREDIBLE !!

We had a 1920's themed party and EVERYONE looked awesome (Boyhalf looked especially dapper) i feel so happy to have such wonderful pals.
For my birthday i was spoiled rotten, i won't go into everything i got but my favourite things were LIPS : Number one hits for the Xbox 360 and my Betsey Johnson watch, bracelet and necklace. Also our new tv is amazing and i FINALLY got a new camera so i no longer have to rely on everyone else's photo skills!!
Getting LIPS was awesome, i've since been serenading Boyhalf with Marvin Gaye songs intersperced with Baby Got Back. I'm a total gem i tell ya!!
Im making an early new years resolution to blog more!!

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