Monday, 29 June 2009

June - end of month update

June has been an extraordinarily good month. Lots of sun which makes this girl a super happy blogger. Sometimes i wonder if i suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder because i am so damn happy when it's sunny. Like mad amounts. It's not that winter bothers me, i just like an excuse to blast out my sunnies, not wear tights and drink beer outdoors.
Boyhalf and myself just spent the last two days in Glasvegas getting away from everything and just enjoying being with one another.
It was our three year anniversary on Tuesday and it meant a whole lot more than it usually would after everything we have been through the past year. It's been horrible and amazing at times but it really made us realise how much we are meant for one another. Hearing him tell me how much i mean to him and how everything seems like another life because he can't imagine life without me is exactly what a girl needs sometimes and i don't really care what anyone else thinks anymore. It's the most honest we've both ever been.
Trying to figure out ways to get to Vegas from Glasgow to get married at 2am with a hundred quid is what makes me love him more. That and him judging people's dress sense with me and singing Dizzee Rascal songs without stopping for breath.
I really can't describe how happy we are. and smug. We're extremely smug.

So here's this months breakdown...

Good things i watched.

My Best Friend's Girl
Love Dane Cook. Can't get enough of him. It's not like this movie is especially new or profound but it is pretty damn funny and if you love no frills gross out comedy this is for you.

I had heard a LOT about this and don't really know why i took so long to get around to it but i'm super glad i finally did. Had me saying 'Blud' at the end of everything though. I suspect this wore thin with other people pretty quick.

Bride Wars
I needed something to watch when i was ill that wouldn't make my head hurt. Actually quite enjoyed it. Made me want to plan a wedding though.

The movies i reviews here and a lot of The Hills and Big Brother. A LOT.

New blogs i'm enjoying.

Fur Coat, No Knickers by Rachael Gibson

What Katie Wore

Little People : A street art project

Valerie Vargas

Selection of the cute stuff i bought.
Coupe De Ville salvage necklace.
Blue and Red Brogue Plimsolls from River Island.
Anchor brooch from Jodie's Boutique in Glasgow.
My amazing new Blair Waldorfesque red peacoat.
Pink Reko Star dress.

Most listened to artists according to ITunes and Lastfm.

1 - Alexisonfire
2- New Found Glory
3- Jack's Mannequin
4- Enter Shikari
5-Something Corporate
6 - Say Anything
7 - A Day To Remember
8 - La Roux
9 - Have Heart
10 - Two Tounges


Friday, 26 June 2009

Things i love Friday.

This week since i've been a sick pup i've spent much more time than usual on my laptop surfing the interwebs and a whole lot more time playing vintage video games. That's right folks the Boyhalf gots me a SNES (like i needed ANY more reasons to love him). S we've spent a whole lotta time this week sitting playing Mario Allstars and taking turn about. He doesn't mind when i get all pouty when i die straight away and want another go and it's mad cute when he tells me he'll "show me how it's done" then fails miserably. I say it often but i'll say it again.. KEE-PER.
He doesn't even mind me constantly quoting the Mario movie even though i know he finds it horrendous i've even seen it enough to quote it.

Last name?
And you?
Luigi Luigi?
No, Luigi Mario!"

Forever love.
Plus he digs my mexican accent when i read out stuff on screen.

I can't really go through without obviously mentioning the passing of Michael Jackson. Incredible songwriter and he really does stand above the rest when it comes to how many people he has influenced through the years. Obviously there is a hideous amount of controversy surrounding him but that doesn't mean, in my eyes, he shouldn't still be missed as an artist.
Farrah Fawcett's passing has also saddened me and i still haven't plucked up the courage to watch Ryan O Neils statement as i'll cry like a baby like i did with Liam Neeson's statement about his wife. Farrah was one of the most beautiful women ever and she will also be sadly missed.

This week's honourable mentions go to...
My social calender filling up super nicely, Going to London for Fashion Week , Anniversary time planning, M&S cherries, Turkey Dinosaur cravings, "people will think you're one of those America's top models", Transformers banter, Overheard in New York
,The radio playing Michael Jackson songs every ten minutes, Payday being here finally, Red toenails, Everyone fighting with Perez on Twitter, My copycat's failed attempts at being quite as parfait comme moi, Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel, First pics of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, 365 reasons to party , and finally my new necklace which wins everything. It's the best thing i have ever seen in my whole life. BE JEALOUS !

Songs Of The Week.
La Roux - Bulletproof
Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
Regina Spektor - Folding Chair
Spinnerette - Ghetto Love

Something Corporate - 21 and Invincible


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of battery.

So this blogger is sick.
We're talking full blown quarentine flying pig flu.

This a problem not only because i have missed two days of work now and will probably be roasted alive when i'm well enough to go back but also because i've been cut off from the outside world, which means i've not had much to blog about.
However lucky me managed to have a pretty fantastic weekend before catching the dreaded lurgy and becoming a shell of her former fabulous self.
My saturday was the best i've had in such a long time. Had a girl's night in with Miss V and the best one of the best ones, my wifey. We educated her in 80's cinematic masterpieces such as Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles, ordered lush chinese and drank enough cider to fuel a soho bar on a busy weekend.
Then came 1am. That time of night where you're at a crossroads. You can go to bed knowing you had a good night, noone got hurt, you didn't make too much of a fool of yourself and you had a zero percent chance of getting arrested, OR you can take the other road.
If you know me, you'll be fully aware of which road we took.
It's the one that ended with these photos.

Yep. We entered a whole new era of class. One involving drinking champagne in a park at 2am in our pjs. Not bad for girls ages 19, 21 and 25. At least it wasn't Lambrini.
I really do love my girls.
This weekend me and Balboa have resolved to have a messy one. Britney meltdown messy.
This is what i'm looking forward to.

Here's a shock.
I still love 3oh!3 an exuberant amout and this song has been my most spinned lately making me dance around my sick bed.

and this song here i was introduced to by Beatso. Win.

Pee ess.
Blog title.
you might have my wardrobe but you don't have my style.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

This place is a freakin' House of Horrors.

So last night was the BIG one. Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen. Something i've been making a fairly big deal about for as long as anyone has been able to put up with me. I started to worry if i was being hypeful and was going to be severely let down by this second offering from Michael Bay. This however was FAR from the case.

Oh man. As a fairly hardcore TF fan i was delighted to see them keep a lot of the original flavour and references for the fans and the changes they did make really worked well. Megatron and Starscream's relationship was down to a T and if you've seen any of G1 TF you'll know that the humor element of characters like Mudflap and Skids are right down.( Man i LOVED those two.) They were so fucking funny. Seriously.Like little hoodrat autobots. Jetfire is awesome, i like that they kept his defector history in this movie too.

Megan Fox though, totally hot yes, and her baywatch moments in the last 20 minutes i'm sure kept many boys attentions (hell it kept MY attention) but she really didn't feel tantamount to the plot at all. It feels like they just said "people think you're hot, lets just use that" I felt kinda bad for her. Not too bad, i mean girlfriend's smokin' hot. I;m sure she sleeps pretty easy at night. But really she spends a lot of time screaming "SAAAAAAAAAM" and wearing low cut tops. (Again no complaints.

The scene in the forest was basically badass as bits and i even almost cried once. I'm such a girl. Optimus Prime is a totaly BEAST, Bumblebee likes gratuitous overkill when it comes to fighting household appliances and Wheelie was actually so cute. I was dissapointed in how little Arcee was actually in it as i loved her as a kid but i'm guessing nobody likes a girl Transformer.

I gotta say though and this is in no way a dig at the movie, it did once again make me think of this.

And for Transformers 3 i demand moar Grimlock!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Things i love friday

This weeks Things i love Friday is sponsered by Liam Neeson's particular set of skills in the movie Taken.
Liam Neeson is a close second to Gary Oldman for my hottest silver fox award, but Gary just pips to the post because to be fair, Sirius Black. Oh man. If you haven't seen this film i suggest you do it reminds me a lot of Man On Fire, if Denzel had kicked half as much as as Neeson, he takes NO shit. I swear.
Transformers tonight. Can't wait. Review winging its way to this blog when i get home from the movies, however i must warn you that the chances of me bad mouthing anything about this movie is pretty slim. I just fucking LOVE Transformers., And Shy the Beef, And Megan "95% legs" Fox

This week's honourable mentions are:
Liam Neeson, my pasta cooking skills, Rb's cute nicknames for me, Boyhalf giving me a weeks supply of Prawn Cocktail crisps since i'm an addict, Prison rules football, Thinking the singer in A Skylit Drive was a girl, Clearer the Sky's comeback, Finally having a working phone, Daleoncye, Fergowans, Planning my tattoo for next month and actual following it through this time, TNT show, Speaking french to police officers, Miss V's Ice Cream dress, Deaf porn, Power Thirst.

Songs of the week
Alexisonfire - Emerald Streets

Enter Shikari - Zzzonked
Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
Jack's Mannequin - Swim

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

He looks like a Tampax. It's too risky.

Last night we watched french horror movie Frontier(s) and i was pleasantly suprised. I usually don't hold much stake in European horror films but i think i'm going to give them more of a chance after seeing this. The film's basic premise is there are riots in Paris because they are electing a conservative president and these muslim thiefs take advantage of these riots and organise a heist and plan to run off to Holland and live happily ever after with their stolen cash. They stop at a B&B at the border to regroup and rest and that's when the fun starts when it transpires that their hosts are a fanily of Nazi sympathising cannibals lead by the deranged patriarch and former SS officer Le Von Geisler.
Imagine Hostel mixed with Texas Chainsaw Massacre mixed with the Descent in places and you get the jist.
I think the reason it sat so well with me is i LOVE horror film a LOT, and therefore i see a lot of by the book, same old same old, movies and with Frontier(s) Xavier Gens really goes off the path and that goes a long way to my enjoyment. Sure the plot does, at times, seem a little hashed together, and there was that once point where we thought we were going to be dealing with monsters that live underground (ala Midnight Meat Train/The Descent/Jeepers Creepers), however thet turned out to just be creepy inbred deformed kids.

The only complaints we had were silly little things, like how the lead, Yasmin, acts like a badly programmed robot or a blind jazz musician when she's sjaking from shock. It put me off slightly but i would fullr recommend this to any horror flick fan.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Gossip Gossip Gossip.

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

That's how most weekends go these days.

Friday i went to Korova as usual and had a great time until the inevitable dramarama started. For once not really aimed at me (y) yay high fives all round ! But it fully made me aware of how different Boyhalf and his brother are and i'm sure lucky i got the one i did. I really don't have time for people like that anymore.

Saturday stayed in mainly cuz i couldn't hack more drama and in hindesight it was a good choice. I still know the jist of everything that went down though. I don't intentionally seek out gossip, I just know the right people, there isn't much you can hide from me these days, after realising important stuff was flying under my radar last year i make it my business to make your business my business. I don't even want to know to tell people, i just feel like if i know what's going on i can't ever get involved in the lies that are going around.

Boyhalf and i spent the whole of Saturday when he got in from work in bed having incomparable banter and incomparable sex. That boy is a full blown keeper.

I really feel bad for one of the boys, he's such a sweetheart, like a straight up adorable guy and now thanks to rumours and lies he feels like he can't talk to a girl he likes. In this town you can't be anyones pal without them thinking you're doing the nasty. I've learnt that from the rumours surrounding me and RB and me and JC (despite the fact i consider him a little brother. ACK) a girl and a guy can't hang out together alone if they're not dating, that's just crazy.
(I sure hope your sarcasm detectors are fully tuned in)

Speaking of little bro, i'm trying super hard to keep my cool about the possibility of him being dicked around once again. . He's far too good a guy to put up with it. I'm not going to divulge further about this though because i want to wait to hear the truth before we all lynch someone and besides, it's not really MY battle.

Yesterday i hit the pub with JC and we got a little tipsy before hitting Union T's to play football with the whole gang, about 20 of the most decent folk you'll meet. Such banter. I can't even describe how much fun i had, or how much my legs ache today!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Things i love (and not so much) Friday.

Yay for another quick week. I think since i've kept busy i've barely noticed time pass. Spent time with Jamielee this week, and twice this week i've cooked mouth orgasm inducing dinners, Fajitas for Jamielee and Macaroni for Boyhalf, not exactly difficult dishes to master, i am aware, but nonetheless i was proud and the recievers were most happy. I think from now on unless it's something i'm super into i'm just going to do honourable mentions every week for Things I Love Friday. I don't have a lot of time on Fridays to write and, while i'm aware i could have Things I Love Saturday, it doesn't have the same ring to it.
I'm also using this as a platform (pun intended) to discuss these shoes.

Celine Graffiti sandals, £765,

I don't understand a single thing about these shoes, at all. NOTHING. I can't even figure out who would wear them. 16cm heels and nothing to support your heel in the middle? Not for me thanks. i can think of only one person who might find these appealing. Her name start with L and ends in Gaga.

So this week's honourable mentions go to :

Waking up in a great mood, Justin Bobby's short hair, Vic's impression of the boy who pees in his pint, Kidulthood, Talking in "izzles", Channeling Blair Waldorf in my new dress, stetching my ears once more.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So that's what death tastes like.

Well, i went to see Terminator:Salvation last night, on the promise of Anton Yelchin (although my disappointed surfaced as i realised i only have a girl boner for his russian accent and not a whole lot more ) and Christian Bale wank bank material i figured there were worse ways to spend an evening.
I was never really a big fan of T:3 but i really loved this movie. I think that people unfamiliar with the Terminator series will enjoy it more than those die hard fanboys, but even they will enjoy the cute references and masses of action on offer here. It is MILES better than T:3 but still has a long way to go to fully put that stamp of authority on this franchise.
It feels like McG has taken a leaf out of Michael Bay's book in his post-apocalyptic view on the world after Judgement day and it settles better than the done to death look of Resident Evil and I Am Legend.
Although i will say Skynet seems to be a fairly simple place to bust into despite being oh so advanced, i mean it seems all you have to do is shut down the north gun tower, and you're cooking with gas.. Does that make much sense? Shouldn’t the mecca of machines have better security? Air patrols? ground patrols? cameras? motion detectors? A pesky little guard dog that can't be tamed with trats? Fishing wire tied around pots and pans? Anything that might alert the central hub that its been busted into.
If it’s that easy to get in, why didn't the resistance do it already?

Oh, that’s right - they didn’t have the help of a human-friendly Terminator with a heart of gold. Which, fortunately, has the same blood type as John Connor. And doesn’t require immuno-suppressant drugs. But I digress.

I enjoyed the basic storyline, wasn't bored and wasn't confused, which is all you can really ask for in a thrill seekers movie like this one. The Terminator franchise was never meant to be a cerebral stimulant and that's a-ok with me.

Pee Ess children of the blogsphere. Alexisonfire have just announced they'll be playing Glasgow ABC October 16th with The Ghost Of A Thousand and The Fall Of Troy. Stellar Stellar line up ! Git It Done.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Things I Love Friday!!

OOOOPS!! My bad. I didn't even realise it was Friday and i hadn't done my weekly update.
I don't even have the time now so this week all i'll be giving you is this week's honourable mentions..., My friend's carnage birthday parties, My wicked cool new Las Vegas sign necklace, Matty's car banter, Reheated pizza, Big Brother starting, Pina Coladas at the pub with the Boyhalf, Spending an inordinate amount of time in beer gardens, Bands that sound like dying pigs, Boys in tennis shorts, Giving up the ghost, (the elite Sugar Daddy site. obvs), "Can you imagine getting a card from him, pentagram drawn all over the inside.", Teaching the Hoedown Throwdown to everyone in Korova with the girls.

Songs of the week
Milow - Ayo Technology
Papa Roach - To Be Loved
Jack's Mannequin - Swim
Paramore - Rewind
Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I wanna love like Johnny and June.

"Oh there's something 'bout a man in black, Makes me want to buy a cadillac, Throw the top back, And roll down to Jackson town."

You know there's really something there when the person you're with can drive you stir crazy up the wall and you still get tummy bumps at the thought of them.
Love can be incredible and horrendous simultaneously.

The weekend we said Happy Twenty Faux birthday to Vic, partied like tramps and checked out the new Klub ( i decided drinking straight gin with a slice of lime was a good choice).
This weekend made me realise just how much i love drunken heart to hearts, even if you talk utter nonsense for the entire time you feel at the time you are saying some profound shit. I had several of these lately, and it seems i'm becoming the "go-to" girl for people's problems,, i always thought i was pretty crappy at advice but turns out i can be quite sound about it.
Saturday was a buh-bye to E's party flat and i don't really remember much about it, tears and tantrums was about all i can pick out from it all. I shouldn't drink Vodka it clearly makes me crazy.

The week has been a busy one too, checked out To Our Glorious Dead FINALLY and represented family, hit the pub hard with both RB and Boyhalf on different days and hung with the quadruple threat last night dancing to OMD, lusting after Andrew McCarthy and laughing so hard at Gonnella i thought i would die.
(pee ess props to Gonnella to introducing me to amaretto and coke. Winner at life.)

Some people think i've abandoned my pals, i think i've found the real ones.