Saturday, 20 June 2009

This place is a freakin' House of Horrors.

So last night was the BIG one. Transformers 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen. Something i've been making a fairly big deal about for as long as anyone has been able to put up with me. I started to worry if i was being hypeful and was going to be severely let down by this second offering from Michael Bay. This however was FAR from the case.

Oh man. As a fairly hardcore TF fan i was delighted to see them keep a lot of the original flavour and references for the fans and the changes they did make really worked well. Megatron and Starscream's relationship was down to a T and if you've seen any of G1 TF you'll know that the humor element of characters like Mudflap and Skids are right down.( Man i LOVED those two.) They were so fucking funny. Seriously.Like little hoodrat autobots. Jetfire is awesome, i like that they kept his defector history in this movie too.

Megan Fox though, totally hot yes, and her baywatch moments in the last 20 minutes i'm sure kept many boys attentions (hell it kept MY attention) but she really didn't feel tantamount to the plot at all. It feels like they just said "people think you're hot, lets just use that" I felt kinda bad for her. Not too bad, i mean girlfriend's smokin' hot. I;m sure she sleeps pretty easy at night. But really she spends a lot of time screaming "SAAAAAAAAAM" and wearing low cut tops. (Again no complaints.

The scene in the forest was basically badass as bits and i even almost cried once. I'm such a girl. Optimus Prime is a totaly BEAST, Bumblebee likes gratuitous overkill when it comes to fighting household appliances and Wheelie was actually so cute. I was dissapointed in how little Arcee was actually in it as i loved her as a kid but i'm guessing nobody likes a girl Transformer.

I gotta say though and this is in no way a dig at the movie, it did once again make me think of this.

And for Transformers 3 i demand moar Grimlock!

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