Friday, 12 June 2009

Things i love (and not so much) Friday.

Yay for another quick week. I think since i've kept busy i've barely noticed time pass. Spent time with Jamielee this week, and twice this week i've cooked mouth orgasm inducing dinners, Fajitas for Jamielee and Macaroni for Boyhalf, not exactly difficult dishes to master, i am aware, but nonetheless i was proud and the recievers were most happy. I think from now on unless it's something i'm super into i'm just going to do honourable mentions every week for Things I Love Friday. I don't have a lot of time on Fridays to write and, while i'm aware i could have Things I Love Saturday, it doesn't have the same ring to it.
I'm also using this as a platform (pun intended) to discuss these shoes.

Celine Graffiti sandals, £765,

I don't understand a single thing about these shoes, at all. NOTHING. I can't even figure out who would wear them. 16cm heels and nothing to support your heel in the middle? Not for me thanks. i can think of only one person who might find these appealing. Her name start with L and ends in Gaga.

So this week's honourable mentions go to :

Waking up in a great mood, Justin Bobby's short hair, Vic's impression of the boy who pees in his pint, Kidulthood, Talking in "izzles", Channeling Blair Waldorf in my new dress, stetching my ears once more.

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  1. are you updating from work? tsk tsk