Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So that's what death tastes like.

Well, i went to see Terminator:Salvation last night, on the promise of Anton Yelchin (although my disappointed surfaced as i realised i only have a girl boner for his russian accent and not a whole lot more ) and Christian Bale wank bank material i figured there were worse ways to spend an evening.
I was never really a big fan of T:3 but i really loved this movie. I think that people unfamiliar with the Terminator series will enjoy it more than those die hard fanboys, but even they will enjoy the cute references and masses of action on offer here. It is MILES better than T:3 but still has a long way to go to fully put that stamp of authority on this franchise.
It feels like McG has taken a leaf out of Michael Bay's book in his post-apocalyptic view on the world after Judgement day and it settles better than the done to death look of Resident Evil and I Am Legend.
Although i will say Skynet seems to be a fairly simple place to bust into despite being oh so advanced, i mean it seems all you have to do is shut down the north gun tower, and you're cooking with gas.. Does that make much sense? Shouldn’t the mecca of machines have better security? Air patrols? ground patrols? cameras? motion detectors? A pesky little guard dog that can't be tamed with trats? Fishing wire tied around pots and pans? Anything that might alert the central hub that its been busted into.
If it’s that easy to get in, why didn't the resistance do it already?

Oh, that’s right - they didn’t have the help of a human-friendly Terminator with a heart of gold. Which, fortunately, has the same blood type as John Connor. And doesn’t require immuno-suppressant drugs. But I digress.

I enjoyed the basic storyline, wasn't bored and wasn't confused, which is all you can really ask for in a thrill seekers movie like this one. The Terminator franchise was never meant to be a cerebral stimulant and that's a-ok with me.

Pee Ess children of the blogsphere. Alexisonfire have just announced they'll be playing Glasgow ABC October 16th with The Ghost Of A Thousand and The Fall Of Troy. Stellar Stellar line up ! Git It Done.

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