Friday, 26 June 2009

Things i love Friday.

This week since i've been a sick pup i've spent much more time than usual on my laptop surfing the interwebs and a whole lot more time playing vintage video games. That's right folks the Boyhalf gots me a SNES (like i needed ANY more reasons to love him). S we've spent a whole lotta time this week sitting playing Mario Allstars and taking turn about. He doesn't mind when i get all pouty when i die straight away and want another go and it's mad cute when he tells me he'll "show me how it's done" then fails miserably. I say it often but i'll say it again.. KEE-PER.
He doesn't even mind me constantly quoting the Mario movie even though i know he finds it horrendous i've even seen it enough to quote it.

Last name?
And you?
Luigi Luigi?
No, Luigi Mario!"

Forever love.
Plus he digs my mexican accent when i read out stuff on screen.

I can't really go through without obviously mentioning the passing of Michael Jackson. Incredible songwriter and he really does stand above the rest when it comes to how many people he has influenced through the years. Obviously there is a hideous amount of controversy surrounding him but that doesn't mean, in my eyes, he shouldn't still be missed as an artist.
Farrah Fawcett's passing has also saddened me and i still haven't plucked up the courage to watch Ryan O Neils statement as i'll cry like a baby like i did with Liam Neeson's statement about his wife. Farrah was one of the most beautiful women ever and she will also be sadly missed.

This week's honourable mentions go to...
My social calender filling up super nicely, Going to London for Fashion Week , Anniversary time planning, M&S cherries, Turkey Dinosaur cravings, "people will think you're one of those America's top models", Transformers banter, Overheard in New York
,The radio playing Michael Jackson songs every ten minutes, Payday being here finally, Red toenails, Everyone fighting with Perez on Twitter, My copycat's failed attempts at being quite as parfait comme moi, Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel, First pics of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, 365 reasons to party , and finally my new necklace which wins everything. It's the best thing i have ever seen in my whole life. BE JEALOUS !

Songs Of The Week.
La Roux - Bulletproof
Belle & Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
Regina Spektor - Folding Chair
Spinnerette - Ghetto Love

Something Corporate - 21 and Invincible


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