Thursday, 4 June 2009

I wanna love like Johnny and June.

"Oh there's something 'bout a man in black, Makes me want to buy a cadillac, Throw the top back, And roll down to Jackson town."

You know there's really something there when the person you're with can drive you stir crazy up the wall and you still get tummy bumps at the thought of them.
Love can be incredible and horrendous simultaneously.

The weekend we said Happy Twenty Faux birthday to Vic, partied like tramps and checked out the new Klub ( i decided drinking straight gin with a slice of lime was a good choice).
This weekend made me realise just how much i love drunken heart to hearts, even if you talk utter nonsense for the entire time you feel at the time you are saying some profound shit. I had several of these lately, and it seems i'm becoming the "go-to" girl for people's problems,, i always thought i was pretty crappy at advice but turns out i can be quite sound about it.
Saturday was a buh-bye to E's party flat and i don't really remember much about it, tears and tantrums was about all i can pick out from it all. I shouldn't drink Vodka it clearly makes me crazy.

The week has been a busy one too, checked out To Our Glorious Dead FINALLY and represented family, hit the pub hard with both RB and Boyhalf on different days and hung with the quadruple threat last night dancing to OMD, lusting after Andrew McCarthy and laughing so hard at Gonnella i thought i would die.
(pee ess props to Gonnella to introducing me to amaretto and coke. Winner at life.)

Some people think i've abandoned my pals, i think i've found the real ones.


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