Friday, 29 May 2009

Things I Love Friday!

Wow, this week passed super quick huh? GOOD TIMES.
Payday came and went yesterday in a flurry of me flashing my cash so i'm pretty sure i'll be skint in a week. I really must learn to budget.
Tonight is my little brother's sixth birthday which means cake, bouncy castles and star wars. After that i have Vic's twenty-faux birthday (she's turning 25, but we'll pretend she's forever young) so that'll include drunk, drunk and a little thing i like to call DRUNK.
(Plus..white boy hip-hop band mentioned in last week's things i love Friday, 30h!3, are on Radio One right now. That is fucking RANDOM)

Wasabi Peanut Crackers.
I have not felt love like this. Seriously. Oh man. So for months now i've been doing this Graze thing. They like send you a lunch of fruit and natural goodness in a cute little box and it's full of yummy goodness to keep me chipper through the day, in one of my first boxes i got these Wasabi peanuts, and i was a little dubious until i tried them, straight after, i was hooked. They're like crack to me. It's 10:11am and my fire nuts for today are already gone. Oops. Word of advice though, don't rub your nose after, bad idea.

Chuck Bass.
Ok so this is in no way a new thing. My Charles Bartholomew Bass obsession has pretty much been a long standing love affair. What is it about me and getting all doe-eyed over posh boys? Chuck Bass, if you actually look at the facts is actually a total Mother Chucker. Sleeps around, tries to force himself on Little J and Serena and messes B around, yet everytime he spouts his trademark "I'm Chuck Bass" line i feel a little girlish swoon take over. He's like the kind of guy that would take a call while you're at it and complain about your technique to whoever was on the line (not my technique mind). I swear i have issues. Oh and the actor Ed Westwick, his real accent seriously makes my knees like jelly everytime. Hi, hot english boy? Where have you been all my life?

Lady Sovereign's Comeback.
Someone else i've loved for a long time is back after her breakdown and girlfriend got her hairs did. She just released her new single 'So Human' which features a sample of The Cure's 'Close To Me', which proves she's got taste. What i'm loving though is this other song with a warrior's tribute in the video for 'I Got You Dancing'. Even though she is fully sporting the Jennifer Grey look in parts of this video her new hairstyle is lovely and my girl crush on the S.O.V has been restored. World Rejoices.


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