Sunday, 10 May 2009

I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.

Whenever i look at photos of me with my friends i feel like Wedensday Addams. It didn't used to be so bad, I've never had a tan in my life and i'm ok with that. At least when we're in our forties i won't look like an old handbag (no offence), but lately i have actually been toying with the idea of *GASP* fake tan ! Someone slap me. I have nothing against girls with fake tans, most of you who do it right look amazing, but i know me and i know i'm a daft so and someone who'll probabaly mess it up and end up looking like Valentino Garavani. Something i don't think will make me look better.
The amount of eyeliner i wear and my dark hair can't help the situation i guess.
The other day someone asked me why i don't pluck my eyebrows and when i questioned the boyhalf about it he said "You're the only girl i know who doesn't". Did i miss something? Are we all plucking our eyebrows to oblivion daily? As far as i'm concerned it's just another part of a beauty regime for me to fuck up and having really light eyebrows despite my dark hair i've never seen any reason to do it, but now i'm getting a complex. I swear i'm convinced i'm that kid from Busted and Fightstar with the 'brows that look Salvador Dali took a huge paintbrush to his forehead and painted two huge black smears at odds with his hair colour for a cheap laugh.
Tell me it isn't so?!?
Toriapops xoxo

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