Friday, 22 May 2009

Things i LOVE this Friday

Yay for Friday !! Thank goodness. This week has fully like hardcore beaten me. Months like this make a girl like me sadfaced. Funds have been seriously lacking these past weeks (mainly due to my wonderful spending habits catching up to me) but the boyhalf has been wonderful.
That one is truely a keeper.
One day maybe i'll write about it.

But for now it's things i love Friday and i'm feeling excitable.

WhiteBoy Hip Hop.
So shoot me ! I've never kept it a secret that i like rap music. Not a lot of it mind, but i do seem to know the words to far too many songs to call it a casual habit. I'm a straight up addict. Catch me not even dropping a beat during Straight Outta Compton and you might think ok, this girls got skills, but most of my friends know by now, if a rap song comes on somewhere, and i've had a few, i'll be throwing my gang signs and waxing lyrical without stopping for breath. What can i say. I'm ghetto on the inside Fo' Shizz.
But the music i'm talking about isn't Snoop and Dre and it isn't even The Beastie Boys (although those boys hold a special place in my little gangster heart). No what i'm into lately are guys like Mickey Avalon, Dyslexic Speedreaders and 30h!3, these boys and their catchy beats and fucking hilarious lyrics are what makes my ipod click these days for sure. Mickey Avalon is also an ex heroin addicted rent boy, which already makes him infinately more badass than you, and for that...mad props.

Scarlett Johansson's Voice.
If you haven't yet heard Scar Jo's Tom Wait's covers i suggest you get your butt on it. Her cover of Falling Down is just amazing. Her speaking voice in itself is pretty stellar, that throaty 'too much booze and fags' drawl is so distinct and sexy. Jealous? Moi? No matter that she sends men into a veritable flurry and is married to one of the guys i would fully take to the bone zone. or that she actually made boyhalf's head hurt when he tried to work out if he'd rather bang her or Blair Waldorf (his chances on either are pretty slim, but we're keeping the dream alive), but damn girlfriend can sing too? Well sing in the sense that she kills on record but i probably wouldn't want to hear it live. But still, another point to Mrs Ryan Reynolds for outshining every other actor turned rock star (I'm looking at you Leto).

Stealing my neighbour's wireless.
Maybe it's a little wrong but sheesh, if you don't want me to leech your Wi-Fi then secure it. I can't remember the log-in details for our secured network so i use your unsecurced one instead and yes the legality (and morality) of the situation is murky at best but fuck it, put a password on your access and my career as an internet super villain will be over, and i'll have to actually bother to use my own. Besides, im not a bad piggybacker, i don't download anything really and i'm not really on at peak times slowing up your connection. So i'm sorry mister downstairs, but since you stink up the hallway with your pot smoke, i think we can call this one even stevens?

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