Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Reason #764686 i love my fiance.

I've been having a crappy time lately with work stuff so the wonderful Boyhalf ordered me these beauties from my favourite shoe girl Shoe Missy, check out her stuff it's phenomenal. These babies go with so much of my stuff since i have an 80% nautical inspired/navy red and white wardrobe ! He's a keeper for sure.


We in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, Business is a-boomin'.

Yesterday Boyhalf and I took a little movie trip to see the new kickass Tarantino epic, Inglourious Basterds. I love Tarantino, as a previous student of film i have studied his work in some depth and have a greater appreciation for it but even when i first saw Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs i knew i was seeing something special. I really believe this movie could be the new cult film in five or ten years. I also studied History for a year, focusing on Hitler's rise to power so this film was right up my alley (just don't expect it to be what you read in the books).

Everything about this movie works, i already previously blogged about my anticipation of the outfits and they didn't dissapoint, especially Julie Dreyfuss' as Francesca Mondino, Goebbels' interpretor, that leopard print hat and shawl were total winners as were both Von Hammersmark and Shosanna's outfits at the Premiere in the movie. I was totally swept up in it.

I think it's a shame a lot of people have been bitching the movie out for being so dialogue heavy, guess some people just expected to see a gory war movie and not a Tarantino film. I love his attention to detail and the way he builds a scene up, the German three finger thing (if you see it you'll understand) was pure attention t detail and i wish they hadn't explained it as it was one of those things to make you think.

Oh and Eli Roth's Bear Jew wins everything. And Brad Pitt's accent.


Saturday, 22 August 2009

VLOG : If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists.

Here's my first Vlog, and it's short and sweet.

Just testing out the video camera antics !

i LOVE Jurassic Park. I love dinosaurs and i really really love my new cups.

Exclusively for winners !


Friday, 21 August 2009

Things I Love Friday!!

Marika Surinen's My Little Pony sculptures , Kickass leaving gifts from people, Ice cream for dinner, New heels, Russel Howard stand up, Planning the epic London/Thorpe Park excursion, Talking to people i wasn't sure liked me drunk and realising we're cool, Booking in with Valerie Vargas for a tattoo (8-10 month wait but she's so worth it), Secret Secret Dino Club , Meteor showers, Punktastic's epic fake facebook project, "she's seen more cockends than weekends", the Boyhalf actually talking about saving for our wedding (scary times!), Completing Professor Layton (take that riddler!), Wearing mouse ears just because, My Suzie finally having the butterflies again, Lightsaber chopsticks,Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama , 4minutes and 30secs into Skynyrd's Freebird, Living basically on the ocean, New ETID, New Weezer, Realising how much i love Boyhalf when we're both ill and trying to look after one another.

I think i'm done for this week!!

What's everyone else loving this week?


Shoe Envy.

This Shoe envy post is a little different since i'm going to share what i actually have just bought as opposed to just lusting after what i can't have, but i thought my latest babies were TOO amazing not to share!

Killer Cupcakes Platforms, £49.99, Iron Fist
I'm a huge sucker for anything with bows and cupcakes so these babies were too good to pass on.
Can't wait to have them on my feetsies !!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mushy post alert.

My best friend is awesome.

Last year i fell out with someone who was my best friend since we were 14 years old and it was the worst situation ever. However through that i made a lot of new friends and became closer to others through branching out . One of the people i got to know better was this girl. It's funny how the best things come from the worst?

Shona Mary Helen McLellan.
Coolest thing i've ever seen.

We had a whirlwind affair of friendship and became super close super fast and it's stuck. There is honestly noone i've ever felt more comfortable with, she just gets me.
The fact that our Boyhalfs are best friends is incredi-awesome too!

When i'm feeling like shit i know i can text her and she'll look after me and vice versa.
Plus she is always there to give people dirty looks haha.
Best drunk times.
Best sober times.

the cheese the my macaroni.
the lime in my corona.
the glen to my coco.

She's been through so much and she's a total trooper.

I'd do anything for this girl.

Now back to your scheduled programming.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Converse just got even cooler.

The cool kids casual footwear of choice just got a cool designer make over from Comme des Garçons for a new line.
I love my Chuck Taylor kicks so bad and have them in quite a few colours and i am LOVING this little heart design.

Comme Des Garcons PLAY for Converse, $100

These kicks are available from the end of August at PLAY retailers and Comme des Garcons boutiques and at just a bit more than you'd pay for your regular Chuck Taylor's, they're certainly worth it.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

WWII Style.

Inspired by Quentin Tarantino's BADASS new cinematic adventure ' Inglourious Basterds' i thought i'd take a look at the fashion of my favourite era the 1940's.

Some of my favourite looks and hairstyles come from the ladies of the war effort, such as the Victory Rolls and and Pomp.

Women like Rita Haywortgh, Ava Gardner, Vivienne Leigh, and my personal idols Betty Grable and Veronica Lake were at the height then and regular women, just like now wanted to emulate these women they saw on the silver screen.

I just adore the cut of the clothes in the 1940's. The glamour and the class. I think this era will always appeal to fashionistas out there because the combined class and seductivity is something you really can't get elsewhere. Hemlines got shorter to save on material and nylon stockings were so popular that women were drawing on the telltale seam on their leg to give the appearance of stocking and to drive the men wild. And it worked. Red lipstick and waspies became commonplace to go with the tight waisted dresses and the femininity of the look.

Of course in 1947 an unknown french designer called Christian Dior launched his first line, and we all know where that story goes.

Best Beauty Buy.

Lush Skin Drink, £9.94 for a 45g pot, Lush.co.uk
You know how mummies and grannies always have that "secret ingredient" they put into dishes that make their food taste that bit better than everyone elses? Well in this day and age of takeout, eating out and generally not having time to make casserole every night, us girls have moved on. Now our "secret" isn't pepper or cumin it's PRODUCTS. And, ladies, Lush's Skin Drink is MY secret ingredient.
I have terrible dry skin, i curse air-con and winter as any temperature changes make me break out in red patches. This moisturising cream is perfect for last thing at night as i find it best to let it just soak in rather than caking make up over it before it's had time to properly work.
Containing Sesame Oil, Avacado and Cocoa Butter you can feel your skin becoming calmer and softer as you're putting it on. While it does come in quite a small tub, it lasts you ages as it's so rich, you only need a small dollop of it to cover your neck and face.
Go on treat yourself.
I promise you'll love it.

Monday, 17 August 2009



you'll thank me later.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Designer Lust.

I'm lusting after the new Vivienne Westwood Ebury bag in red. I think this might be a save up for purchase if i get this new job i have an interview for on Tuesday!

So SO SO in love. Viv is a favourite of mine since she always gets it so right .


Friday, 14 August 2009

Capital Lights!

Last weekend was wicked good, despite the fact i appear to have contracted death flu from Edinburgh, it was so worth it. I miss my Jen quite alot and didn't really realise it until i went to visit her. The Hive was like the hottest place EVER, no idea how these girls can keep their perfect hair in that sort of climate. Gutted mine hits mad medusa lady on the frizz-o-meter within a foot of any humidity.

Suzie and JenJen on Jen's massssive stairs.

Me posing as per usual.

JenJen, Suzie and Moi.

Blurry mirror pictures are the staple of any good night out.

These ones from Friday also make my life.

L -R : I don't know, Matt, Nikki, Paularina, Moi, Colleen.

L-R : My Boyhalf, RB, Beatso and John


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

A selection of designers including Betsey Johnson, Jimmy Choo, Gwen Stefani and Oscar De La Renta have re-imagined the classic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz in honour of the 70th anniversary of the movie and they were previously on display in New York last year. I heard about this a while ago but thought i'd blog about it now as you can now go and see these designs here in the UK! They are on display at the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ lounge in London until the 20th August so be quick !


Where's your gavel? Your jury?

Paramore - Ignorance

New video from the peppy rock outfit fronted by every boy's favourite redhead.
And can i just say.

Hayley Williams DAMN. DAMN DAMN. <3

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Linda Evangelista for John Galliano A/W 09

There's a lot of talk over who the photographer is for this stunning parisian inspired campaign.

My money is on Julien d'Ys.

Bend it like Barbie?

The recent trend of chicing up Barbie's image makes it OK for us grown up (at least by age) types to celebrate the life and times of Barbara Millicent Roberts.
As my latest new bag purchase shows, i'm well on board.

Paul's Boutique Loves Barbie patent twister bag, £80.00, Asos.com

Then i saw this football table today and i squealed. Suddenly i was hunting down a spare 10,000 Euro and an excuse to the Boyhalf. Sadly thanks to me NOT being a millionaire, it looks like it won't be mine but we can still lust over the absurdetity, awesomeness and sheer genuis combined of Barbie Foot.

Barbie Foot, 10,000 Euro, Chloe Ruchon on request.

Designed by young up and coming Chloe Ruchon for the DMY Internation design fetsival in Berlin, there are only 9 of these in circulation but if you happen to get your chic little butts to my favourite place on earth, Paris, soon there's one on display in the window of Colette on the Rue Saint-Honoré.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Get The Look - Dita Von Teese

So in the previous incarnation of my blog over at tumblr i used to occasionally do a section every other week (or when i could be bothered, i was a bad blogger back then) called "get the look" focusing on how to achieve some of my favourite celebs looks.
I decided to bring it back and i'm starting with one of my personal big time style crushes, Dita Von Teese.

Dita's style is always flawless, she channels that icredible 1940's burlesque/vaudeville/old hollywood glamour with such ease and elegance, she doesn't just turn heads, she breaks necks. So follow these tips and you too could snag a hot french count like Louis Marie de Castelbajac. J'adore!

Make Up

Dita's make up is always flawless and always dramatic. She also pretty much always goes for the same look which has become her signature, the bright red siren lips and the dark cat eyes. Dita herself says she uses a light reflecting foundation in an ivory shade, such as L'oreal true match N1 Ivory. This is a non oily foundation which contains glycerin to make it blend completely with your natural skin tone, science lesson over. I find using fingertips is best with this foundation as it's easier and leaves fewer traces than a sponge. This is also a long lasting base since it doesn't melt away like some other products. Although Casper pale girls like Dita (and myself) can get away with choosing the lightest shade possible, i suggest if you have a darker skin tone you opt for something a little darker than ivory as you can end up looking washed out if you go too light.

A powder cover will give you that perfect matte complexion. I recommend using MAC Invisible Set Powder, the matte finish absorbs oil for a long time and gives a very dramatic finish to the face.

For the eyes you obviously want black black and more black. You're going for the Cleopatra look but you want to make sure you keep it classy and not end up like a panda. Choose the eyeliner format you're most comfortable with , i personally use a mixture of the liquid and rectractable pencil both from Rimmel's Exaggerate line for daytime and use Écriture De Chanel automatic liquid liner for night, but you can also use a regular pencil, or if you're feeling really brave, powder.

For best results, stretch your eyelid out with your free hand and, starting from the corner of your eye, sweep right across towards your temple. Making sure your wings at the end are perfect is ESSENTIAL, if you mess up just use a cotton bud to remove the excess and start again. Practice makes perfect.

I would suggest keeping the eyelids bare but depending on your skin tone, a little white eyeshadow can really make those eyes pop.

Fake eyelashes can really make a difference and with so many to choose from you can go from a subtle lengthening to full blown peacock feathers! I'd recommend MAC's fake eyelashes, or my must have, Naturalites 101. They can really be tricky for some people at first but once you get the hang of it it's just like riding a bike, but much more glamourous.
For mascara you want to use a volumising product to give that Bambi effect. Something like Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look or L'Oreal's latest offering, Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara, which has a brush 50% larger than other mascaras and gives you the biggest lashes i've seen without falseies.. I do however suggest you at least TRY Benefit's Bad Gal Lash at least once. It's a product i think every girl should own.

The Pièce de résistance of Dita's look is of course her fierce scarlet lips. Dita herself confesses to having hundreds of different shades of red lipstick. She says her favourite shades are 'Russian Red' by MAC and Christian Dior Diorific 'Rouge Bingo', but experiment at the make up aisle for yourself and don't forget to get liplock to keep that pout perfect no matter how many martini's you sip ! Also to get that perfect 40's pout use a cotton bud to push a little V shape into the top lip to really have that perfect cupid's bow the old glamour stars lusted after.


Dita's dark hair really sets off her pale skin and red lips. After a return home to L.A. from Paris recently, Dita herself tweeted: "Blonde roots are showing. Big day at the drugstore to pick up a box of blue/black! Hope the Hollywood goths didn't beat me to it. Hate salons!" So if you want hair like Miss Von Teese i suggest Schwarzkopf Live in Cosmic Blue for the same shade Dita covers her blode locks with.

As for styling, be prepared to spend a LOT of time perfecting this one. She says her hair-spiration was Sherilyn Fenn from Twin Peaks back in the day. You can do your hair in multiple styles to recreate Dita's look, from pincurls to victory rolls to complete that 1940's bombshell look. There are a lot of really great tutorials on Youtube for these styles but as long you keep it looking classy you can't go wrong.

For a woman who made her name for what she wasn't wearing, Dita has become a fashion icon of late with designers gagging to get her at their front rows.

Dita LOVES couture, and would die for Dior. She also has a real obsession with shopping vintage and loves a bargain find. Copying her look however doesn't have to break your bank. You can't go wrong with a classy black shift and a cinch belt or a high waisted skirt. It's all about class for the Dita look and the word casual should be obliterated from your vocabulary.


Friday, 7 August 2009

We have seventy dollars and a pair of girls underpants. We're safe as kittens.

This Friday's blog is sponsored by my favourite director and screenwriter John Hughes, who died this morning aged 59 from a heart attack.

I don't think i can put it into words better than my darling friend Vic when i told her the news this morning.

"I am truely devastated, that man was like Jesus to us."

Yep, that basically sums it up. John Hughes was my HERO. There has, in my opinion, never been a man who captured so much of a generation right through his career. Iconic movies like The Breakfast Club, Weird Sciene, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off shaped the 80's and gave us the group we know today as "The Brat Pack". He also wrote Home Alone, Mr Mom, Flubber, Uncle Buck and Beethoven, so the man had skills. So i am genuinely quite upset. Sure the last thing he did was Drillbit Taylor which, although i haven't seen, i have heard is less than stellar.

So John Hughes we salute you !

For your kickass movies, soundtracks, characters and quoteable one liners. Oh and also for bringing Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer into my life!!

"I am now, and will forever be, a Duckman"

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Shoe Envy

I always love discovering new designers to fall in love with and Charlotte Olympia is no exception. Charlotte Olympia is the brainchild of Charlotte Dellal, daughter of Brazilian supermodel, Andrea Dellal and sister of fashion favourite Alice Dellal.
She stole my heart last year with her incredible style. Her shoes are always perfectly teetering on the edge between divinely girly and that little bit badass. Like if Barbie punked herself up for the day.
The thing that strikes me about her designs is her unique soles, which are not only a unique shape, with that little dip at the ball, but also have a gold spiderweb across them.

Metallic Striped Greta Platforms, £572, Charlotteolympia.com

I am totally loving this fairground candy cane style shoe.



Monday, 3 August 2009

July - End of month update.

So here's this months breakdown...

Good things i watched.

Trailer Park of Terror
This little lady happens to be a giant fan of all things redneck and so when i heard about a film called "Trailer Park of Terror" i HAD to see it and i am so glad i did. I guess i expected it to be another crappy B-movie, but i was ok with that since i had prepared myself for a laughriot of a bad movie. However, this was not the case, sure with it's low brow humour and jokes ("My back door is always open", "you just made my south rise again") it's not going to be to everyone's taste but my god did i LOVE this. Even the soundtrack was killer, one rockabilly ditty after another. It's best described as My Name is Earl with zombies. Now don't act like you don't want to see that.
Watch it. Love it.

Hot Rod.
I was actually going to wait and actually review this one. I might still so i'm keeping this little bit short. Andy Samberg.Marry me. Serious. This movie is basically the funniest thing i have watched in FOREVER. Never laughed so damn hard.

This darker than dark comedy from the BBC written by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith of League of Gentlemen fame as well as Dawn French. It actually was really creepy and definately more than a little sinister. My fingers are crossed for a second series since so much is still to be explained!!

I went to see Bruno and thought it was pretty bays. Not nearly as good as it'd been hyped. Boo!

New blogs i'm enjoying.
Stuff you will hate
There i fixed it

Selection of the cute stuff i bought.
Best dress EVER from Pussycat.
Alice in Wonderland Curiouser & Curiouser necklace.
Tarina Tarantino pink cameo ring.
Betsey Johnson Sailor Girl bag.
Jurassic Park cups.

Most listened to artists according to ITunes and Lastfm.

1 - Fall Out Boy (Apparently i've regressed 2 years)
2 - A Day To Remember
3 - Set Your Goals
4 - Rise Against
5 - Cobra Starship
6 - Jack's Mannequin
7 - 3Oh!3
8 - Alice In Videoland
9 - Alexisonfire
10 - Blink 182


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Saturday, 1 August 2009

"You were so drunk last night you thought you force pushed the automatic door open."

Firstly, i didn't do TILF yesterday, MY BAD !
Last night was amazing. Like the best night i've had in oh so long !

The best people in my life were all there and the banter was top form. From Ella's perfect conversation, to Miss V's epic one liners, Nothing compares to Miss Plew's when you get some Beyonce on the go, Jamielee makes the best punch, Suzie makes me laugh like a kid my Wife's the most wonderful girl i know. I love her too much.

Boyhalf got a haircut yesterday and it looks SOSO good! I'm a pretty lucky girl :) I can't ever put into words how amazing i think he is and how in love i am. But everyone knows we're a forever kind of thing and i'm so happy.

the Klub was soso good, top props to Ben and Hendo for keeping my ass on the dancefloor for basically the entire night! Pour Some Sugar On Me made me DEEEELIGHTED !!
Being told how pretty i looked by everyone was pretty neat too haha !

Last night i saw someone i don't see often but who for about ten months i've hated so much. I saw her and didn't feel a thing. No anger, no fear, no bitchiness (well maybe a little) and it felt kind of awesome. It's been so long since i last saw her (I've seen her about 3 times since the whole breakdown of our "friendship") i didn't even realise it wouldn't affect me anymore. SCORE ONE FOR ME.

I've spent all morning watching Whitesnake videos on Youtube. I have yet to understand why. AT ALL.
Fuck it.
I love Whitesnake.
And basically a whole lot of other 80's hair metal bands i should pretend i don't.

Oh i also will love this FOREVER.

"Never trust a big butt and a smile"
I should come with that as a warning label!