Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mushy post alert.

My best friend is awesome.

Last year i fell out with someone who was my best friend since we were 14 years old and it was the worst situation ever. However through that i made a lot of new friends and became closer to others through branching out . One of the people i got to know better was this girl. It's funny how the best things come from the worst?

Shona Mary Helen McLellan.
Coolest thing i've ever seen.

We had a whirlwind affair of friendship and became super close super fast and it's stuck. There is honestly noone i've ever felt more comfortable with, she just gets me.
The fact that our Boyhalfs are best friends is incredi-awesome too!

When i'm feeling like shit i know i can text her and she'll look after me and vice versa.
Plus she is always there to give people dirty looks haha.
Best drunk times.
Best sober times.

the cheese the my macaroni.
the lime in my corona.
the glen to my coco.

She's been through so much and she's a total trooper.

I'd do anything for this girl.

Now back to your scheduled programming.


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