Monday, 3 August 2009

July - End of month update.

So here's this months breakdown...

Good things i watched.

Trailer Park of Terror
This little lady happens to be a giant fan of all things redneck and so when i heard about a film called "Trailer Park of Terror" i HAD to see it and i am so glad i did. I guess i expected it to be another crappy B-movie, but i was ok with that since i had prepared myself for a laughriot of a bad movie. However, this was not the case, sure with it's low brow humour and jokes ("My back door is always open", "you just made my south rise again") it's not going to be to everyone's taste but my god did i LOVE this. Even the soundtrack was killer, one rockabilly ditty after another. It's best described as My Name is Earl with zombies. Now don't act like you don't want to see that.
Watch it. Love it.

Hot Rod.
I was actually going to wait and actually review this one. I might still so i'm keeping this little bit short. Andy Samberg.Marry me. Serious. This movie is basically the funniest thing i have watched in FOREVER. Never laughed so damn hard.

This darker than dark comedy from the BBC written by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith of League of Gentlemen fame as well as Dawn French. It actually was really creepy and definately more than a little sinister. My fingers are crossed for a second series since so much is still to be explained!!

I went to see Bruno and thought it was pretty bays. Not nearly as good as it'd been hyped. Boo!

New blogs i'm enjoying.
Stuff you will hate
There i fixed it

Selection of the cute stuff i bought.
Best dress EVER from Pussycat.
Alice in Wonderland Curiouser & Curiouser necklace.
Tarina Tarantino pink cameo ring.
Betsey Johnson Sailor Girl bag.
Jurassic Park cups.

Most listened to artists according to ITunes and Lastfm.

1 - Fall Out Boy (Apparently i've regressed 2 years)
2 - A Day To Remember
3 - Set Your Goals
4 - Rise Against
5 - Cobra Starship
6 - Jack's Mannequin
7 - 3Oh!3
8 - Alice In Videoland
9 - Alexisonfire
10 - Blink 182


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