Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Best Beauty Buy.

Lush Skin Drink, £9.94 for a 45g pot, Lush.co.uk
You know how mummies and grannies always have that "secret ingredient" they put into dishes that make their food taste that bit better than everyone elses? Well in this day and age of takeout, eating out and generally not having time to make casserole every night, us girls have moved on. Now our "secret" isn't pepper or cumin it's PRODUCTS. And, ladies, Lush's Skin Drink is MY secret ingredient.
I have terrible dry skin, i curse air-con and winter as any temperature changes make me break out in red patches. This moisturising cream is perfect for last thing at night as i find it best to let it just soak in rather than caking make up over it before it's had time to properly work.
Containing Sesame Oil, Avacado and Cocoa Butter you can feel your skin becoming calmer and softer as you're putting it on. While it does come in quite a small tub, it lasts you ages as it's so rich, you only need a small dollop of it to cover your neck and face.
Go on treat yourself.
I promise you'll love it.

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