Saturday, 1 August 2009

"You were so drunk last night you thought you force pushed the automatic door open."

Firstly, i didn't do TILF yesterday, MY BAD !
Last night was amazing. Like the best night i've had in oh so long !

The best people in my life were all there and the banter was top form. From Ella's perfect conversation, to Miss V's epic one liners, Nothing compares to Miss Plew's when you get some Beyonce on the go, Jamielee makes the best punch, Suzie makes me laugh like a kid my Wife's the most wonderful girl i know. I love her too much.

Boyhalf got a haircut yesterday and it looks SOSO good! I'm a pretty lucky girl :) I can't ever put into words how amazing i think he is and how in love i am. But everyone knows we're a forever kind of thing and i'm so happy.

the Klub was soso good, top props to Ben and Hendo for keeping my ass on the dancefloor for basically the entire night! Pour Some Sugar On Me made me DEEEELIGHTED !!
Being told how pretty i looked by everyone was pretty neat too haha !

Last night i saw someone i don't see often but who for about ten months i've hated so much. I saw her and didn't feel a thing. No anger, no fear, no bitchiness (well maybe a little) and it felt kind of awesome. It's been so long since i last saw her (I've seen her about 3 times since the whole breakdown of our "friendship") i didn't even realise it wouldn't affect me anymore. SCORE ONE FOR ME.

I've spent all morning watching Whitesnake videos on Youtube. I have yet to understand why. AT ALL.
Fuck it.
I love Whitesnake.
And basically a whole lot of other 80's hair metal bands i should pretend i don't.

Oh i also will love this FOREVER.

"Never trust a big butt and a smile"
I should come with that as a warning label!


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