Friday, 21 August 2009

Things I Love Friday!!

Marika Surinen's My Little Pony sculptures , Kickass leaving gifts from people, Ice cream for dinner, New heels, Russel Howard stand up, Planning the epic London/Thorpe Park excursion, Talking to people i wasn't sure liked me drunk and realising we're cool, Booking in with Valerie Vargas for a tattoo (8-10 month wait but she's so worth it), Secret Secret Dino Club , Meteor showers, Punktastic's epic fake facebook project, "she's seen more cockends than weekends", the Boyhalf actually talking about saving for our wedding (scary times!), Completing Professor Layton (take that riddler!), Wearing mouse ears just because, My Suzie finally having the butterflies again, Lightsaber chopsticks,Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama , 4minutes and 30secs into Skynyrd's Freebird, Living basically on the ocean, New ETID, New Weezer, Realising how much i love Boyhalf when we're both ill and trying to look after one another.

I think i'm done for this week!!

What's everyone else loving this week?


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  1. Hey great blog!!
    is that piggy meant to look like Lady Ga Ga, coz it does!!