Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lily Golightly

Jealousy is a TERRIBLE thing, but i think i'll be forgiven for wishing i was Lily Allen once more. These shots from the campaign for the new Chanel Cocoon show Miss Allen looking straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany's and looking amazing. Not many girls can pull off Miss Hepburn's classic signature look well, and if you look at Lily a few years back, all loud-mouthed and trainers with her sweetheart dresses you'd be forgiven for thinking there is noone worse for the role. Lately, however our little ragamuffin has classed the fuck up and now she always looks the picture of perfection. With the amount of Chanel in her wardrobe it was only a matter of time before she was being paid for it.

Parisian chic combined with Lily's girl next door cuteness sells these bags, with Karl Lagerfeld's incredible eye for photography, this campaign is sure to be a hit.

Friday, 24 July 2009

By now you know what this is about....

Friday Friday Friday.
This week i have been a bit of a recluse, BLAME the last week before payday. Boo!!
I did however manage a couple catch up's with Schmoo and saw my little brother a LOT. Also bought him a present, which he'll get in due course. Saw Have Heart's last tour, except Pat wasn't singing for them which was sucky, but Steve still did a quality job of actually putting the show together so snaps for Steve.

The things keeping me sane this week,

Have Heart show, Cocktail catch-ups, "it was so cute when you were pretending to have willpower", Filthy conversations with Dayna, Prada pop-up shop, Sale shopping, Date night, Alexi Murdoch, Doing my 'Baby Got Back' booty shake in the Co-op aisles for Boyhalf's amusement, Meeting the little brother's new lady (she's fabulous FYI), 8-Bit Weezer covers, Being complimented on my style by strangers, Kirsty Allie's Twitter updates, 'stuff you will hate', Putting the final touches to "Operation Rabbit Hole" (NOT a euphamism) which should hopefully be launching next month!, Moustache sticks, The neon ring Miss V gave me that is now around my neck, Scar-Jo as a redhead.

pee ess.
I really miss the wifely one.
It feels like forever since a catch up and i feel like i'm missing several important organs.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

Such excitement that the trailer to Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland has leaked.
Naturally i was going to be killer excited for this, being an adaptation to my all time favourite children's book and all time favourite Disney movie.
Like you can't tell from the layout and title of this blog.
Oh man, just watch it for yourself and see how incredible this movie looks. It's the movie Burton was born to make, it's totally perfect to his style and vision. I love the darkness and the complete fantastical look to it.
Everything just looks so perfect. I'm mad excited for this movie.
I'm already marking it for my favourite of 2010.
And once again props to Depp for being amazingly absurd as per usual.
His voice in this trailer gets me good.

I wanted to be Alice so badly as a kid.
I still do.

I can't wait.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Girl Crush....

So i have a new girl crush.
The mad cute, bambi eyed Paloma Faith.

An ex burlesque performer, with incredible style, this half spanish redhead is now getting herself on the map as a singer, after also dipping her toes in the acting pool. You might have seen her as Andrea (the goth) in the St. Trinians remake. I didn't see that movie, but thanks IMDB for the facts. She also used to work for Agent Provocatuer and also as a magician's assistant. Awesome.

Her new single "Stone Cold Sober" is permanently playing on my iTunes right now and her voice, a mix of Winehouse, Duffy and La Roux, along with her look made me fall in love.

Check her out if you have a second.

I'm a permanent sucker for a girl with good style.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Things i love Friday!

This week i've mostly done nothing, which is actually kinda nice, spent a lot of time with Boyhalf catching up on recorded TV and cuddles, LOTS of cuddles.
Excitment abound though, photographer Massimo Gammacurta created these A-DORABLE fashion lollypops as the perfect thing to keep you occupied front row at fashion week. Now if there's one thing that can compete for my affections against fashion, it's candy.
Apparently they come in Louis Vuitton Watermelon, Gucci Pomegranate, Yves Saint Laurent Caramel and Cherry and Chanel Apple and Lilac.

I always said i had a taste for high fashion.
So here's some other things i'm loving this week.......

Scarlett Johannson and Dita Von Teese's shoot in FLAUNT magazine, Etsy WTF!?, Holgaroid, Pamela Anderson for Vivienne Westwood, The regional assembly of text, Drinks so cold your teeth sting, Finding out Four Year Strong are supporting Alexisonfire, Set Your Goals new album, Talking things over with friends and realising when everything's going to be OK, Talking paintings, Chicken Victoria (so good i put my NAME on it), £4 return flights, Planning summer 2010 villa escapades,, Bruno, Mint Magnums, CSI season one, The Boyhalf (Still mad cute, still my favourite person, still rocks my world).


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Shoe Envy.

Yeah 'cause the best thing to do when you're totally out of money is to sit and browse internet shops and lust after things you can't afford. Way to go Toots.
I'm major league coveting these two pairs of shoes, I can't describe how perfectly they'd fit, not just on my cute little feet, but also on my shoe rack which, since the sad demise of my favourite Iron Fist leopard print pumps on Monday, has some spaces needing filled.

Christian Louboutin Mamimo 140 platforms, £655,
Fornarina heart front heeled court, £120,
I think come payday i might invest in the second pair (although i do have my eye on a pair of Shoemissy's for a wedding i'm attending so might have to put these one hold). I've been talked into one pair a month so i'll have to decide.
Alas, the Louboutin's will probably never be mine, unless i suddenly win big bucks or marry a sugar daddy with a well endowed wallet.
A girl can dream though right?
Besides, Shoes last longer than sex.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Champagne for my real friends, Real pain for my sham friends.

Last night was the best night out in town i have had in a really long time. SO glad we decided that staying in was for old people and nerds. haha.
We went to Dibble and Jamielee's flat warming and all the decent folk were there, but someone was noticeably missing. I really miss RB hanging out with all of us, i know there is nothing i can do but sometimes i feel sorry for those involved.
We cracked open the champagne i left there last time and toasted the move in. I'm never one to turn down a glass of good bubbly.
Jamielee made me an EPIC drink of Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cherry Coke and Grenadine. It was like a fizzy Sex on the Beach. Rad as fuck. Naturally everyone got too drunk and a few words were thrown about and a few tears were shed before we even left to head to the Klub. I'm not suprised though, sometimes tensions run too high and people get involved in shit they shouldn't. Me included.

I really wish people would say how they feel when they're sober, why does it take getting shitfaced to open up to people. How do straight edge kids do it? Do they just hole it all up? I always thought the thing about friends was you were supposed to tell each other anything, no matter what but apparently i have the wrong end of the stick. I've realised there are TWO groups of friends.
The ones who will tell you when you fuck up, tell you if your ass looks big and be there through everything and the ones who act like you can do no wrong then bitch you out when your back is turned.
It's safe to say, i'm weeding out one of those groups.
No bets on which.

Last night i realised i can be SO happy with the life i have and the people i surround myself with these days. A good bunch of boys and birds.

Someone super close to me told me last night the reason they think a lot of girls have issues with me. They reckon i have a pretty desirable relationship with a lot of my male friends, no drama and no late night booty calls, just great friendships, something apparently a lot of girls would kill to have.

Something to ponder for sure.



Friday, 10 July 2009

I couldn't tell if you were a bitch or totally bitchin'

Jukebox the Ghost - Victoria

Love this namesake song SO much.

I saw these boys support Nightmare of You a couple months back and was totally enamoured. They blew NoY right off the stage!


Things i Love Friday!

This week i enjoyed work for the first time in what feels like forever. I've been working in a different department and it's been really busy and fun and i just feel like this is something i can really see myself doing. Luckily next week i'll be super busy since the other CO is off on holiday. So maybe it isn't all so bad after all.

Just found out Boyhalf's friend invited us to his wedding reception in September so i've been dress hunting like nothing on earth. It's an excuse (not that i ever need one) to buy a really lovely dress that's a little more expensive than i'm usually comfortable with. I have a few i'm thinking about but i'm trying really hard not to relive Ben's wedding when i was informed i looked like a stripper. BAD TIMES.
I think i fell out with RB but i'm not sure since he texted me late last night to tell me he's coming out this weekend. I don't like falling out with people who make me smile, it's never fun. Let's hope we're close enough for it not to count. *fingers officially crossed*.

USB cassette archivers, Knobbly Bobbly ice lollies, Dinner and bowling night with,Boyhalf Wifey and the Beasto, Finishing One Tree Hill season 5 OMG, Wedding guest dress shopping, My new ringtone (ADTR - I'm made of wax larry), Trailfinders, People who stop me in shops to tell me i look good and ask where i get my stuff (always say vintage, no style stealers please), Realising i AM better, Swan's Obama mask, Boyhalf's dramatization of Ice Age 3 for me since it was sold out, Falling in love with The Spirit, Running outside in rainstorms in my pants, Being informed i'm funny, Pee Wee Herman, Couture porn, Speaking an inordinate amount of french, Old friends, ELLE, Magpies.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fashion Week Day Three.

So the final day of couture week was yesterday and what a week it's been.
My favourite show of the final day was definately John Paul Gaultier. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood glamour and the space age films such as Barbarella.

I really love this collection a lot. It's not by any means what i go for but Gaultier always delivers something fresh but still identifiable as his. I especially adore the little sailoresque outfit with the red and white striped top (given my sailor obsession, i would!) Gaultier is one of those designers who is so recognisable and i love that, when you can just look at an item and know whos work it is.

Elie Saab went for a minimalistic view, similar to that shown by Chanel the previous day. An extremely bridal looking collection but since Galliano already took care of my wedding dress issue on day one not a lot to interest me here.

In an almost defiant move, Valentino's collection was a complete contrast to Saab's, preffering gothic imagery and shades of blacks and nudes to the virginal feel of the other collection. I am completely enamoured with with the fourth outfit down. I really really love it.

So that's Couture week for another year. Done and dusted and i was pretty impressed with what was on offer. My piece of the week is most definately this baby here from Chanel. I would KILL to own this, and i view it as a wearable piece of couture as well, something i WOULD/COULD wear as opposed to a lot of the designs this year.

Although honourable mention does have to go to my darling of the week John Galliano, because while Chanel stole my favourite piece, Galliano for Dior stole my heart with his collection. In my eyes the finest line of couture i have EVER seen. i love that man i truely do.
I'll leave you with this picture i found from the Givenchy show which made me laugh.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fashion Week Day Two

So after yesterday incredible Dior show i was ready to give up hope on the rest of couture week as Galliano had already made my month with his 50's inspired collection. However, my other designer pleasure was showing and what girl doesn't love a bit of Chanel?

Beautiful. Especially that red one three up. That would be my second favourite for sure. The obvious winner for anyone who knows me is the last one i've put. It just screams couture so much! There's a real fun and girly element to this year's collection that isn't always so evident in Lagerfeld's work. It wasn't quite the oppulant all white January show but it definetly delivered that Chanel look we all know, love and covet.

Giorgio Armani said he was inspired by the movie heroines of the golden age and the show was set to 1940's music. However the collection itself doesn't have a particularly retro feel to it. I found his collection unoriginal and i just felt i had seen it all before from other designers.

At what could possibly be his last couture show, Christian Lacroix's collection was still stunning, if a little more toned down than usual.

Givenchy showed something similar to other collections from the house but it was nonetheless a good selection. i personally don't really follow Givenchy much as it's not my taste but it seemed to be well received at fashion week.