Saturday, 11 July 2009

Champagne for my real friends, Real pain for my sham friends.

Last night was the best night out in town i have had in a really long time. SO glad we decided that staying in was for old people and nerds. haha.
We went to Dibble and Jamielee's flat warming and all the decent folk were there, but someone was noticeably missing. I really miss RB hanging out with all of us, i know there is nothing i can do but sometimes i feel sorry for those involved.
We cracked open the champagne i left there last time and toasted the move in. I'm never one to turn down a glass of good bubbly.
Jamielee made me an EPIC drink of Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cherry Coke and Grenadine. It was like a fizzy Sex on the Beach. Rad as fuck. Naturally everyone got too drunk and a few words were thrown about and a few tears were shed before we even left to head to the Klub. I'm not suprised though, sometimes tensions run too high and people get involved in shit they shouldn't. Me included.

I really wish people would say how they feel when they're sober, why does it take getting shitfaced to open up to people. How do straight edge kids do it? Do they just hole it all up? I always thought the thing about friends was you were supposed to tell each other anything, no matter what but apparently i have the wrong end of the stick. I've realised there are TWO groups of friends.
The ones who will tell you when you fuck up, tell you if your ass looks big and be there through everything and the ones who act like you can do no wrong then bitch you out when your back is turned.
It's safe to say, i'm weeding out one of those groups.
No bets on which.

Last night i realised i can be SO happy with the life i have and the people i surround myself with these days. A good bunch of boys and birds.

Someone super close to me told me last night the reason they think a lot of girls have issues with me. They reckon i have a pretty desirable relationship with a lot of my male friends, no drama and no late night booty calls, just great friendships, something apparently a lot of girls would kill to have.

Something to ponder for sure.



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