Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fashion Week Day One.

Oh John Galliano! You spoil me so!!
Like i ever needed another reason to adore (or should that be j'adore?) this man. Then he whips out his Dior couture line and i die. Applause all round monsieur, this show was a classic example as to the reason NOONE makes me heart flutter quite like Dior.

Incredible right?
The emphasis on colour and the 50's inspiration really got me hooked and the cheeky stockings and bras made me fall head over high heels. I think we may have already found my darling of couture week. Plus he's clearly just made my wedding dress for me!

Christophe Josse's show was really red carpet couture. I could see these dresses on Angelina and Keira Knightley easily.

Alexis Mabille also showed yesterday and his chosen theme was a lot more pastel and demure than Galliano's.

Stephane Rolland's show really did nothing for me. I found the collection bland and there was nothing that really grabbed me as great couture. I've never really been into architectural clothing and i think this is why his collection doesn't mesh well with me. I think it has potential but was my least favourite collection of the day.

I have to say i am a huge fan of this year's fashion week already :)

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