Friday, 3 July 2009

Things i love Friday

This week i've had such a lovely time. I like when you get some time off to play and catch up with the people in your life. Tonight my girl Jamielee is back from Ibiza and i have missed her quite a bit so we're doing a little get together at her and V's pad (which is actually now Jamie, V AND Dibble's pad).
Last night i was told i should seriously consider being a writer, all because a text message i sent about Jabba and the Whale Rider, which was apparently hilarious. It's something i always wanted as a kid and after keeping up with this blog so well and knowing there are really people who actually read what i say is a real compliment. I like being told i'm funny, it's what a value most. Above being told i'm pretty or smart or anything else. Funny is where i get my kicks.

So once again let's hear it for the honourable mentions....

The incredibly sunny weather, wearing my Pittsburgh Steelers tee everywhere, free suite upgrades at fancy hotels, One Tree Hill marathons, Jack Daniels in a can, Judging people on their outfits, ELLE magazines runway edition, having my boys backs, being told how cute i am, 50's swimsuits, Swooning over Johnny Depp in spats, Chris Merritt, Wyatt Cenac, Ice Cream Sundaes, My new brogue plimsols, Louis Vuitton bunny ears, Alexisonfire and Jack's Mannequin tickets arriving, Finally having my tattoo designed, New Dinosaurs!, Bruce Springsteen at Glastonbury.

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