Monday, 29 June 2009

June - end of month update

June has been an extraordinarily good month. Lots of sun which makes this girl a super happy blogger. Sometimes i wonder if i suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder because i am so damn happy when it's sunny. Like mad amounts. It's not that winter bothers me, i just like an excuse to blast out my sunnies, not wear tights and drink beer outdoors.
Boyhalf and myself just spent the last two days in Glasvegas getting away from everything and just enjoying being with one another.
It was our three year anniversary on Tuesday and it meant a whole lot more than it usually would after everything we have been through the past year. It's been horrible and amazing at times but it really made us realise how much we are meant for one another. Hearing him tell me how much i mean to him and how everything seems like another life because he can't imagine life without me is exactly what a girl needs sometimes and i don't really care what anyone else thinks anymore. It's the most honest we've both ever been.
Trying to figure out ways to get to Vegas from Glasgow to get married at 2am with a hundred quid is what makes me love him more. That and him judging people's dress sense with me and singing Dizzee Rascal songs without stopping for breath.
I really can't describe how happy we are. and smug. We're extremely smug.

So here's this months breakdown...

Good things i watched.

My Best Friend's Girl
Love Dane Cook. Can't get enough of him. It's not like this movie is especially new or profound but it is pretty damn funny and if you love no frills gross out comedy this is for you.

I had heard a LOT about this and don't really know why i took so long to get around to it but i'm super glad i finally did. Had me saying 'Blud' at the end of everything though. I suspect this wore thin with other people pretty quick.

Bride Wars
I needed something to watch when i was ill that wouldn't make my head hurt. Actually quite enjoyed it. Made me want to plan a wedding though.

The movies i reviews here and a lot of The Hills and Big Brother. A LOT.

New blogs i'm enjoying.

Fur Coat, No Knickers by Rachael Gibson

What Katie Wore

Little People : A street art project

Valerie Vargas

Selection of the cute stuff i bought.
Coupe De Ville salvage necklace.
Blue and Red Brogue Plimsolls from River Island.
Anchor brooch from Jodie's Boutique in Glasgow.
My amazing new Blair Waldorfesque red peacoat.
Pink Reko Star dress.

Most listened to artists according to ITunes and Lastfm.

1 - Alexisonfire
2- New Found Glory
3- Jack's Mannequin
4- Enter Shikari
5-Something Corporate
6 - Say Anything
7 - A Day To Remember
8 - La Roux
9 - Have Heart
10 - Two Tounges


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