Tuesday, 16 June 2009

He looks like a Tampax. It's too risky.

Last night we watched french horror movie Frontier(s) and i was pleasantly suprised. I usually don't hold much stake in European horror films but i think i'm going to give them more of a chance after seeing this. The film's basic premise is there are riots in Paris because they are electing a conservative president and these muslim thiefs take advantage of these riots and organise a heist and plan to run off to Holland and live happily ever after with their stolen cash. They stop at a B&B at the border to regroup and rest and that's when the fun starts when it transpires that their hosts are a fanily of Nazi sympathising cannibals lead by the deranged patriarch and former SS officer Le Von Geisler.
Imagine Hostel mixed with Texas Chainsaw Massacre mixed with the Descent in places and you get the jist.
I think the reason it sat so well with me is i LOVE horror film a LOT, and therefore i see a lot of by the book, same old same old, movies and with Frontier(s) Xavier Gens really goes off the path and that goes a long way to my enjoyment. Sure the plot does, at times, seem a little hashed together, and there was that once point where we thought we were going to be dealing with monsters that live underground (ala Midnight Meat Train/The Descent/Jeepers Creepers), however thet turned out to just be creepy inbred deformed kids.

The only complaints we had were silly little things, like how the lead, Yasmin, acts like a badly programmed robot or a blind jazz musician when she's sjaking from shock. It put me off slightly but i would fullr recommend this to any horror flick fan.

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