Monday, 15 June 2009

Loose Lips Sink Ships.

Gossip Gossip Gossip.

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

That's how most weekends go these days.

Friday i went to Korova as usual and had a great time until the inevitable dramarama started. For once not really aimed at me (y) yay high fives all round ! But it fully made me aware of how different Boyhalf and his brother are and i'm sure lucky i got the one i did. I really don't have time for people like that anymore.

Saturday stayed in mainly cuz i couldn't hack more drama and in hindesight it was a good choice. I still know the jist of everything that went down though. I don't intentionally seek out gossip, I just know the right people, there isn't much you can hide from me these days, after realising important stuff was flying under my radar last year i make it my business to make your business my business. I don't even want to know to tell people, i just feel like if i know what's going on i can't ever get involved in the lies that are going around.

Boyhalf and i spent the whole of Saturday when he got in from work in bed having incomparable banter and incomparable sex. That boy is a full blown keeper.

I really feel bad for one of the boys, he's such a sweetheart, like a straight up adorable guy and now thanks to rumours and lies he feels like he can't talk to a girl he likes. In this town you can't be anyones pal without them thinking you're doing the nasty. I've learnt that from the rumours surrounding me and RB and me and JC (despite the fact i consider him a little brother. ACK) a girl and a guy can't hang out together alone if they're not dating, that's just crazy.
(I sure hope your sarcasm detectors are fully tuned in)

Speaking of little bro, i'm trying super hard to keep my cool about the possibility of him being dicked around once again. . He's far too good a guy to put up with it. I'm not going to divulge further about this though because i want to wait to hear the truth before we all lynch someone and besides, it's not really MY battle.

Yesterday i hit the pub with JC and we got a little tipsy before hitting Union T's to play football with the whole gang, about 20 of the most decent folk you'll meet. Such banter. I can't even describe how much fun i had, or how much my legs ache today!

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