Friday, 17 July 2009

Things i love Friday!

This week i've mostly done nothing, which is actually kinda nice, spent a lot of time with Boyhalf catching up on recorded TV and cuddles, LOTS of cuddles.
Excitment abound though, photographer Massimo Gammacurta created these A-DORABLE fashion lollypops as the perfect thing to keep you occupied front row at fashion week. Now if there's one thing that can compete for my affections against fashion, it's candy.
Apparently they come in Louis Vuitton Watermelon, Gucci Pomegranate, Yves Saint Laurent Caramel and Cherry and Chanel Apple and Lilac.

I always said i had a taste for high fashion.
So here's some other things i'm loving this week.......

Scarlett Johannson and Dita Von Teese's shoot in FLAUNT magazine, Etsy WTF!?, Holgaroid, Pamela Anderson for Vivienne Westwood, The regional assembly of text, Drinks so cold your teeth sting, Finding out Four Year Strong are supporting Alexisonfire, Set Your Goals new album, Talking things over with friends and realising when everything's going to be OK, Talking paintings, Chicken Victoria (so good i put my NAME on it), £4 return flights, Planning summer 2010 villa escapades,, Bruno, Mint Magnums, CSI season one, The Boyhalf (Still mad cute, still my favourite person, still rocks my world).


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