Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fashion Week Day Two

So after yesterday incredible Dior show i was ready to give up hope on the rest of couture week as Galliano had already made my month with his 50's inspired collection. However, my other designer pleasure was showing and what girl doesn't love a bit of Chanel?

Beautiful. Especially that red one three up. That would be my second favourite for sure. The obvious winner for anyone who knows me is the last one i've put. It just screams couture so much! There's a real fun and girly element to this year's collection that isn't always so evident in Lagerfeld's work. It wasn't quite the oppulant all white January show but it definetly delivered that Chanel look we all know, love and covet.

Giorgio Armani said he was inspired by the movie heroines of the golden age and the show was set to 1940's music. However the collection itself doesn't have a particularly retro feel to it. I found his collection unoriginal and i just felt i had seen it all before from other designers.

At what could possibly be his last couture show, Christian Lacroix's collection was still stunning, if a little more toned down than usual.

Givenchy showed something similar to other collections from the house but it was nonetheless a good selection. i personally don't really follow Givenchy much as it's not my taste but it seemed to be well received at fashion week.


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