Friday, 24 July 2009

By now you know what this is about....

Friday Friday Friday.
This week i have been a bit of a recluse, BLAME the last week before payday. Boo!!
I did however manage a couple catch up's with Schmoo and saw my little brother a LOT. Also bought him a present, which he'll get in due course. Saw Have Heart's last tour, except Pat wasn't singing for them which was sucky, but Steve still did a quality job of actually putting the show together so snaps for Steve.

The things keeping me sane this week,

Have Heart show, Cocktail catch-ups, "it was so cute when you were pretending to have willpower", Filthy conversations with Dayna, Prada pop-up shop, Sale shopping, Date night, Alexi Murdoch, Doing my 'Baby Got Back' booty shake in the Co-op aisles for Boyhalf's amusement, Meeting the little brother's new lady (she's fabulous FYI), 8-Bit Weezer covers, Being complimented on my style by strangers, Kirsty Allie's Twitter updates, 'stuff you will hate', Putting the final touches to "Operation Rabbit Hole" (NOT a euphamism) which should hopefully be launching next month!, Moustache sticks, The neon ring Miss V gave me that is now around my neck, Scar-Jo as a redhead.

pee ess.
I really miss the wifely one.
It feels like forever since a catch up and i feel like i'm missing several important organs.

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