Friday, 10 July 2009

Things i Love Friday!

This week i enjoyed work for the first time in what feels like forever. I've been working in a different department and it's been really busy and fun and i just feel like this is something i can really see myself doing. Luckily next week i'll be super busy since the other CO is off on holiday. So maybe it isn't all so bad after all.

Just found out Boyhalf's friend invited us to his wedding reception in September so i've been dress hunting like nothing on earth. It's an excuse (not that i ever need one) to buy a really lovely dress that's a little more expensive than i'm usually comfortable with. I have a few i'm thinking about but i'm trying really hard not to relive Ben's wedding when i was informed i looked like a stripper. BAD TIMES.
I think i fell out with RB but i'm not sure since he texted me late last night to tell me he's coming out this weekend. I don't like falling out with people who make me smile, it's never fun. Let's hope we're close enough for it not to count. *fingers officially crossed*.

USB cassette archivers, Knobbly Bobbly ice lollies, Dinner and bowling night with,Boyhalf Wifey and the Beasto, Finishing One Tree Hill season 5 OMG, Wedding guest dress shopping, My new ringtone (ADTR - I'm made of wax larry), Trailfinders, People who stop me in shops to tell me i look good and ask where i get my stuff (always say vintage, no style stealers please), Realising i AM better, Swan's Obama mask, Boyhalf's dramatization of Ice Age 3 for me since it was sold out, Falling in love with The Spirit, Running outside in rainstorms in my pants, Being informed i'm funny, Pee Wee Herman, Couture porn, Speaking an inordinate amount of french, Old friends, ELLE, Magpies.


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