Thursday, 16 July 2009

Shoe Envy.

Yeah 'cause the best thing to do when you're totally out of money is to sit and browse internet shops and lust after things you can't afford. Way to go Toots.
I'm major league coveting these two pairs of shoes, I can't describe how perfectly they'd fit, not just on my cute little feet, but also on my shoe rack which, since the sad demise of my favourite Iron Fist leopard print pumps on Monday, has some spaces needing filled.

Christian Louboutin Mamimo 140 platforms, £655,
Fornarina heart front heeled court, £120,
I think come payday i might invest in the second pair (although i do have my eye on a pair of Shoemissy's for a wedding i'm attending so might have to put these one hold). I've been talked into one pair a month so i'll have to decide.
Alas, the Louboutin's will probably never be mine, unless i suddenly win big bucks or marry a sugar daddy with a well endowed wallet.
A girl can dream though right?
Besides, Shoes last longer than sex.

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