Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fashion Week Day Three.

So the final day of couture week was yesterday and what a week it's been.
My favourite show of the final day was definately John Paul Gaultier. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood glamour and the space age films such as Barbarella.

I really love this collection a lot. It's not by any means what i go for but Gaultier always delivers something fresh but still identifiable as his. I especially adore the little sailoresque outfit with the red and white striped top (given my sailor obsession, i would!) Gaultier is one of those designers who is so recognisable and i love that, when you can just look at an item and know whos work it is.

Elie Saab went for a minimalistic view, similar to that shown by Chanel the previous day. An extremely bridal looking collection but since Galliano already took care of my wedding dress issue on day one not a lot to interest me here.

In an almost defiant move, Valentino's collection was a complete contrast to Saab's, preffering gothic imagery and shades of blacks and nudes to the virginal feel of the other collection. I am completely enamoured with with the fourth outfit down. I really really love it.

So that's Couture week for another year. Done and dusted and i was pretty impressed with what was on offer. My piece of the week is most definately this baby here from Chanel. I would KILL to own this, and i view it as a wearable piece of couture as well, something i WOULD/COULD wear as opposed to a lot of the designs this year.

Although honourable mention does have to go to my darling of the week John Galliano, because while Chanel stole my favourite piece, Galliano for Dior stole my heart with his collection. In my eyes the finest line of couture i have EVER seen. i love that man i truely do.
I'll leave you with this picture i found from the Givenchy show which made me laugh.


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