Tuesday, 18 August 2009

WWII Style.

Inspired by Quentin Tarantino's BADASS new cinematic adventure ' Inglourious Basterds' i thought i'd take a look at the fashion of my favourite era the 1940's.

Some of my favourite looks and hairstyles come from the ladies of the war effort, such as the Victory Rolls and and Pomp.

Women like Rita Haywortgh, Ava Gardner, Vivienne Leigh, and my personal idols Betty Grable and Veronica Lake were at the height then and regular women, just like now wanted to emulate these women they saw on the silver screen.

I just adore the cut of the clothes in the 1940's. The glamour and the class. I think this era will always appeal to fashionistas out there because the combined class and seductivity is something you really can't get elsewhere. Hemlines got shorter to save on material and nylon stockings were so popular that women were drawing on the telltale seam on their leg to give the appearance of stocking and to drive the men wild. And it worked. Red lipstick and waspies became commonplace to go with the tight waisted dresses and the femininity of the look.

Of course in 1947 an unknown french designer called Christian Dior launched his first line, and we all know where that story goes.

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