Friday, 14 August 2009

Capital Lights!

Last weekend was wicked good, despite the fact i appear to have contracted death flu from Edinburgh, it was so worth it. I miss my Jen quite alot and didn't really realise it until i went to visit her. The Hive was like the hottest place EVER, no idea how these girls can keep their perfect hair in that sort of climate. Gutted mine hits mad medusa lady on the frizz-o-meter within a foot of any humidity.

Suzie and JenJen on Jen's massssive stairs.

Me posing as per usual.

JenJen, Suzie and Moi.

Blurry mirror pictures are the staple of any good night out.

These ones from Friday also make my life.

L -R : I don't know, Matt, Nikki, Paularina, Moi, Colleen.

L-R : My Boyhalf, RB, Beatso and John


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