Friday, 8 May 2009

The greatest lovers were murderers first.

Last nights ETID show was every kind of badass.
Singing my little heart out perched on top of a bench with the biggest smile on my face is pretty much how i'd like to go. I can't say i ever feel happier than when i'm the the company of those inner circle bitches.
Plus my shoes got a thousand and one compliments. YAY for the shoes. Those babies are more popular than me.

It's weird seeing how different some people are in different situations. How being out drinking can make some people more bareable than when you see them sober and naturally nice vera. I guess thats just the way things are.
I realised i've fully neglected someone lately who really means more to me than most of the two faced liars this town has to offer. Plan of action for this week is a full on catch up with the little brotherly one. I need to watch out for him, for it seems he will be dealing with a pack of wolves soon. Kids strong but i still worry about his little heart.

I've been torturing my poor overdrafted self with and this week. I have no idea why since i can barely seem to afford milk every month. I think my Jack Daniels and acting like a spinster who drinks martinis at 10am habit should be laid to rest for a while so i can feast on Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin instead.
I would rather spend my last five pounds on Vogue or Grazia than on bread or milk. This does not satisfy the boyhalf. He would rather eat than hear Alexandra Shulman's opinion on anything. I respect his life choice even if i can't understand it ;]

Back to work now .

toriapops xoxo

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