Thursday, 14 May 2009

Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

So last night me and Boyhalf FINALLY managed to go see Star Trek. Oh man.
I literally cannot describe the fangirl excitement i've felt about seeing this since it was announced. As my mummy reminded me a few weeks ago, when i was little i used to make her watch The Original Series with me and i totally wanted to be on that bridge, I was pretty sure i'd be the first girl captain (of course come Voyager, i was pipped to the post).
So yes, this was a big deal.

I mean i watched Nemisis and that, and while it wasn't a truely horrific experience, it wasn't too great either so in looking to the new Star Trek i was anxious, and seeing J.J Abrams attached did not help quash my fears (JJ and i have been at war since MI:3...not a fan. Plus i still don't get Lost at all.) but it could have been a worse director i suppose (*COUGH* Joel Schumacher *COUGH*)

But OH MAN. If you haven't seen this movie, i really can't urge you enough to get off your ass and go. It's totally amazing. It caters to the die hard fan (except that one guy we saw on a message board who said he was boycotting the film after seeing a screencap where young Spock's Vulcan salute was 6 degrees off...Hi. Geekwad? Go get laid. Please) and it caters to the new fan, the person who just wants to see a great movie. Chris Pine was a fantastic choice for Kirk, having the sleazy machismo down to the letter and Zachary Quinto's Spock, while not Nimoy, was flawless.

I'm not going to sit and write a plot run through because 1- assed and 2- you can just google it if you really want to know what happens, but i will leave you with this... i think i'm in love with Chekov and i still wish i was a Starfleet Captain.

Pee Ess - If you're decent you should be checking out the new Alexisonfire song 'Young Cardinals'. It's possibly my favourite song in a while.
Oh& the new jam from Cobra Starship 'Good Girls Go Bad' is rad as bits too.

Peace xoxo

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