Friday, 22 May 2009

Whiteboy Hiphop - The Flipside

After writing about how much i love my white boy hiphop i felt the need to say something else. Some of them are straight up awful. I'm talking about DJ, Presenter and all round wanker, Tim Westwood and the bane of my existance, and the marker for all shit music comparison from here on out. BrokeNCYDE.
Brokencyde (i refuse to pander to your capital letter douchebaggery) are fucking horrendous, like actually they are so far beyond the tropes of irony and the sort of thing the boys at Lonely Island do, you have to this for real? They really should be the fucking mascots of Douchebag Academy. Also i love that on their Wikipedia page one of the guys is there soley listed as "fog machine and lights". Hi, yeah ... doesn't that make the guy a technician..not a band member? Oh and they have a Pig mascot, for no real reason, other than to make me want to punch animals.
Oh and they're playing here next month, and tickets and two for one apparently, so get in there.

My issues with Westwood are well documented and i don't really need to go on about him here, mainly cuz i'm at work and on lunch and i don't want to be stressed at a cockney wide boy who talks like he's from the hood all afternoon. But Westwood, as i have learned lately and had to apologise to boyhalf for not believing him, is FIFTYONE FUCKING YEARS OLD. Tim Westwood, who dresses and acts like a 16 year old wigga on parole, is basically the same age as my pops. He is possibly the oldest and whitest gangster to have ever survived the famous British ghetto of Norfolk His fake assed Pimp Limp and his "keeping it real" lingo grind my gears tenfold.
Oh and he got shot once, which adds to his general gangster image, apparently it was a contract killing gangland thing, i'm of the impression he staged it himself to appear more 'street'. The only thing that;s fucking criminal is his bastarding accent.
Whatever Westwood.

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