Thursday, 8 October 2009

Paris Fashion Week Mega Post Part one!!

So i misbehaved and never did get round to posting a LFW blog, my new job has had me swamped. I'm super tired lately but i'm hoping my body will get used to it soon. Since by now EVERYONE has blogged LFW i thought i'd skip right to the Pièce de résistance and blog Paris Fashion Week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris Fashion Week as it combines my two all time loves.

Paris is always great for the classic look and Christian Dior Cruise collection didn't disappoint. This is definately my favourite collection of the week.

Here are a few more of the shows that caught my eye!

John Galliano


John Paul Gaultier

Karl Lagerfeld
(Look how cute the girly version of Lagerfeld's outfit is!!)

Vivienne Westwood

I will post my next batch of favourites soon !!

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  1. Really liking these pics. I've always been into makeup and never fashion but seeing fab pics like these is really inspiring and makes me want to learn more about it. x