Friday, 23 October 2009

Things I Love Friday

Things i love Friday is BACK!!
It's been a while but i figured it's about time i took this little ditty back out !

Hearing gossip about someone that makes you scream "OH MY GOD I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE" , True Blood and Gossip Girl nights with the Boyhalf, Shona Mclennan; Still the toughtest girl i know, Dead End, Answering the party phone, Getting speechless goldfish syndrome when Dallas Green spoke to me, Dancing to Ludacris like my life depended on it, Zombieland, Planning faux weddings so Miss V can marry the Best Man, Absinthe soap, Picking out party dresses for the Christmas season, Making peace with someone i previously would never though i'd go near again, The fucking word of the day, Betsey Johnson winning a National Arts Club award for her services to fashion, "What comes before part B?", Halloween prep, in jokes like woah!, Saving up all my recorded tv for a rainy day (like tonight), Glasgow trips with Boyhalf and Iona (Noany), Sharkbite cocktails, Poutine, Wearing stockings instead of tights, Screaming Waynes World quotes on the street, Eazy-E, Flood Of Red's album, Coffee and chocolate breaks to cure my three thirtyitis,


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