Saturday, 3 October 2009

Last night i spoke to my old best friend in the first time in almost a year (bar the stuff when we fell out) It was weird. It was weirder than weird. She acted like nothing had ever happened and went and spoke to Boyhalf while i was at the bar, then he told me she asked after me so i couldn't be rude and i went and spoke to her.
We didn't speak about what happened, and i don't feel we need to, her sister came up in conversation (from her side NOT mine) and i was honest when i said, i'm not affected, as far as i'm concerned she literally doesn't exist. I don't feel either way about her anymore. There's just nothing.

I've changed so much this year, i'm so much stronger than i was when we fell out, and maybe since i don't NEED her anymore, it'll be easier to have her there.

We'll never be the Mk & A we were as kids.
But maybe not hating each other is enough. xoxo

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  1. Sounds like you know what you want.
    A friend fell out with me over silly things like not making her b'day coz i was away that weekend! Pathetic eh? so like you i feel like she is nothing & ive never looked back! xox